What You need to know to fly with us


WEIGHT: a single flight requires a minimum of 50 kg and a maximum of 120 kg.Our operators can forbid the flight if such limitations are overcome. All users must provide information about their weight before the flight. An instrumental verification of the declared weight (with scale) will be at the discretion of the staff.

HEIGHT: minimum 145 cm and maximum 200 cm.

AGE: You can fly from 16 years of age respecting the parameters described above for height and weight. For minors, the parents’ consent is mandatory: a written and signed authorization will be needed (N.B.: the parent or guardian of the minor will be asked to attach a copy of their identity document). In the absence of such authorisation, the staff will prohibit the flight.

PHYSICAL PROWESS: no special attitude or physical effort is required (all engagement and disengagement operations are performed by our operators on the flight platform). Anyone in good health and physical condition can fly. However, our staff is authorized to prohibit the flight if these limits in weight and height are overcome and especially to users who, by behaving improperly, will put at risk their own safety and that of others.

N.B.: Serious health problems and/or physical limitations, if any, must be notified and evaluated before booking. In these cases, a medical certificate is required to be delivered before the flight. Pregnant women are not allowed to fly.

TRANSPORT OF OBJECTS: It is strictly forbidden to carry personal objects during the flight. For security reasons, it is not possible to film the flight with mobile phones or cameras. However, this is possible by requesting – depending on the availability – one of our ActionCams equipped with telescopic pole, at the ticket office. It will be the responsibility of our operators to transfer the footage on your USB stick or provide links for download (you can also use personal ActionCams at a lower price if compatible with our base support).

WEATHER CONDITIONS: it is possible to fly even in case of weak rain. In case of sudden thunderstorms or strong wind gusts, the flight will be temporarily suspended until our operators evaluate that the weather conditions are favourable again. In the event of prolonged interruptions (more than two hours), you will be offered the opportunity to operate the flight at a different time and date with a replacement coupon. Users who have booked their flight will be notified in advance of any interruptions or downtime.

PRE-FLIGHT PREPARATION: Once you have arrived at the departure station, simply show your ticket to the staff on the ground who, having checked your fitness to fly, will provide the necessary equipment for the flight (harness, helmet and goggles) and will communicate all the information on the correct flight procedure. Once on the launch platform, you will be hooked in to a pulley and, after a thorough check for your safety, it will be possible to proceed to the release phase. The flight is carried out in a prone (horizontal) position, individually and with the face downwards.